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The Consortium Manager app allows libraries to share data and settings between multiple FOLIO tenants.

Enhanced Consortial Support (ECS) must be enabled in the tenant in order to use Consortium Manager. For more information about setting up ECS in your tenant, see Steps to setup Consortia environment.

Definition of terms related to Settings > Consortium manager:

  • Consortium: An association of independent libraries and/or library systems established by formal agreement, usually for the purpose of resource sharing. Membership may be restricted to a specific geographic region, type of library (public, academic, special), or subject specialization.
  • Central tenant: The administrative tenant in a multi-tenant system. Also referred to as a primary tenant,
  • Enhanced Consortial Support (ECS): A setting enabled in a tenant for managing a consortium using the Consortium Manager.
  • Permission: Value assigned to a FOLIO user that allows them access to view, create, update or delete records in FOLIO, or to carry out specific FOLIO tasks.
  • Permission set: A group of permissions that allows a user to perform a specific set of tasks.
  • Primary tenant: See Central tenant.
  • Tenant: A FOLIO client whose data are stored separately and are accessible and visible separately from other FOLIO clients.

The following are the permissions for Settings > Consortium Manager:

  • Settings (Consortia): Can view and edit consortia membership This permission allows the user to view and edit the details of the list of members in the Settings app of the central tenant.
  • Settings (Consortia): Can view consortia membership This permission allows the user to view the details of the list of members in the Settings app of the central tenant.

For more general information about permissions, see Platform Essentials > Permissions.

Edit member details

Members cannot be added or removed in Consortium manager, but member details can be edited in Settings > Consortium manager.

To edit a member, go to Settings > Consortium manager and follow these steps:

  1. Select Membership in the Network settings pane. The list of members displays in the Addresses pane. Code, Name, and Tenant address for each member also displays.
  2. Click on the appropriate pencil icon in the Actions column.
  3. Make changes to the Code or Name fields.
  4. Click the Save button in the Actions column to save the changes.
Last modified June 24, 2024