Getting Started

Thinking about getting started with FOLIO? Check out the resources below to familiarize yourself with the platform.

See FOLIO in action

Check out these videos to learn about FOLIO:

Ready to experience FOLIO for yourself?

Access one of our demo sites and explore FOLIO features and functionality.

Login: diku_admin / admin

Work with a demo site

Once you’ve accessed a demo site, you can experiment with the platform to see how it works. Some examples of things you can try include:

  • Check out an item, and check it back in
  • Update an item record with quickMARC
  • Update licenses and agreements for an electronic resource
  • View and edit a patron record

Install FOLIO for yourself

You’ve played with the platform, and now you’re ready to install something for yourself. There are different ways to set up and run FOLIO. The type of installation you do and the components you install depends upon your goals.

See Install FOLIO for types of installations and deployments.

Last modified February 29, 2024